2019 Windrock Chambourcin

2019 Windrock Chambourcin

TN - Other
$32.95 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.50%
Aged in whiskey barrels, this wine is a favorite of many whiskey lovers. Our 2019 Chambourcin harvest was at the end of a drought - so the fruit was perfect. After eight months aging in whiskey barrels, this wine has a hint of whiskey on the nose yet has rich tones of red fruit and a smooth finish.


Lot #3
Finally our last batch from 2019 harvest has matured into a smooth velvety red wine with hints of Tennessee whiskey from the months that it spend in whiskey barrels. It does not get more Tennessee than this wine.

Winemaker Name

Rebecca Paschal

Vineyard Name

Cellar 53 Winery & Vineyards

Brand for Cellar 53 Winery
Small family-run winery handcrafts wines from estate grown grapes and local fruits. From sweet to dry, Cellar 53 offers a true taste of Tennessee wines.
Cellar 53 Winery
115 Oak View Drive East
Brush Creek, TN 38547

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