2021 BIN 50 | Rosé

2021 BIN 50 | Rosé

IA - Iowa
$17.92 / 750 mL Bottle

  • Alcohol 12.00%
Our Frontenac Rosé was created by lightly pressing select full grape clusters giving this wine its characteristic Color. With notes of watermelon, strawberry and candied cherry this semi sweet wine is great for any occasion.

Brand for The Cellar Winery at White Oak
Established in 2015 by John Barber and Barbara Hokel, The CELLAR creates wine from locally grown cold climate grapes with the intention of expanding the wine-drinker's palate. We currently offer seven varieties and feel confident that you can find your favorite within the red and white, sweet to dry spectrum.

The Cellar Winery at White Oak
15065 Ne White Oak Drive
Lower Level
Cambridge, IA 50046-8655

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