Jeff Co Core Cider Sampler - 12 Pack

Jeff Co Core Cider Sampler - 12 Pack


Our 3 core cider sampler pack. Original Apple, Sour Cherry, and Hibiscus Rose. A great sampler for all. These ciders are available year round and there is something for everyone.

Sour Cherry: Slightly-tart with smooth, sweet undertones, hints of bright stone fruit, whisky, and vanilla. Held together with a clean apple base. A well balanced semi-dry cider aged on oak.

Original Apple: Semi-sweet, tart, and crisp in equal balance. Drier despite being juicy. An honest, fermented apple flavor with hints of oak. This is a straight-forward modern hard cider. The "OG" Apple

Hibiscus Rose: Infused with loads of organic hibiscus flowers and whole rose buds. Semi Dry, floral, tart, and tannic with nice earthy apple undertones. The result is a semi-dry wine-like, refreshing cider.

Brand for Jefferson County Ciderworks
Rooted in tradition, elevated by innovation, crafted by hand. Honest and accessible, with no added sugars or artificial flavors. Every batch is unique, sourced from the finest ingredients and 100% whole pressed American apples. Our cider is the culmination of refined techniques and daring flavor combinations. Enjoyed under open skies, an intimate dinner, and everything in between.

We are Jefferson County Cider Works. We make New American Cider.
Jefferson County Ciderworks
1849 200th Street
Fairfield, IA 52556