2016 MELILOTUS - Clover Blossom Traditional Mead

2016 MELILOTUS - Clover Blossom Traditional Mead

CO - Other
$25.00 / 500 mL Bottle
$27.00 MSRP

  • Alcohol 12.25%
  • Bottling Date 08/07/2016
Yellow clover honey , harvested from the vast open plains and National Grasslands area of North Dakota by a family operation in business for over 30 years. Delicate, dry, water white mead with hints of spice, pineapple, pear, and Yellow Delicious apple. Made with pure Rocky Mountain artesian spring water.

Winemaker Name

Deborah M Lee

Brand for Queen Bee Brews
Queen Bee Brews' mission is to provide small-batch handcrafted meads produced in the old world style to satisfy the thirst of craft beverage connoisseurs in the new millennium.
Queen Bee Brews
800 E 64th Ave #6
Denver, CO 80229

2022 June Mead Matters

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